Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce Part II – (FAIL)

23 Jul

Ok. So my plan was to make lots of sauce and can at least two jars to use at a later time…. That didn’t happen.

16 tomatoes only made enough for a family of four. FYI!

This post was supposed to be about canning, and its not. It is just a review of the pasta sauce. So if you want enought to can, make sure to use LOTS of tomatoes, like at least 40.

This was a delicious and very different pasta sauce. It was lighter and thinner and less salty that store bought. But over all I liked it, next time I would try de-seeding the tomatoes and adding a teaspoon on corn starch (at least). And oh yeah, use LOTS OF TOMATOES.

If you missed the recipe see click here.


One Response to “Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce Part II – (FAIL)”


  1. Pasta Sauce III – Canning | DIY, Food, & Finds - August 3, 2011

    […] I can’t wait to use them in the coming month. To see the recipe click here, and to see how amazing it looks as dinner check out this post. […]

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