Our New Tool – Kreg Jig Jr.

26 Jul

If you haven’t heard of the Kreg Jig tool, and you are into woodworking, than you must live under a rock.The Kreg (as we call it) helps to drill pocket holes into wood that make joints stronger and screws less noticeable. (and yes that is woman description of the tool)

Kreg Jig = Love

Nate and I have been wanting a Kreg for a while now. But at $42 (and it needs special screws) – its a little bit costly.

So be finally bit the screw bullet, and bought a Kreg Jig Jr.

In case you are wondering how the Kreg Jig works, check out their sweet promo video:

Here are a couple pictures from the first use:

The first holes

Isn't it pretty?

So whats your favorite tool to use? Or whats on your tool wish list?


One Response to “Our New Tool – Kreg Jig Jr.”

  1. Matt July 27, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    Love my kreg jig! Have fun

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