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Fall Wreath

29 Sep

I love fall. There is colder weather, leaves turning orange and maroon, college football, jeans, sweatshirts, tea, wind, and so much more. It is a sweet time to enjoy being outside and opening the windows in the house. After a very hot and very humid Tennessee summer, I am more than ready for fall.

All this talk about fall leads me to think of fall decorations. This weekend one of my projects was a fall wreath (even though it was over 80 degrees out side…).

I was inspired by my friend’s wreath I saw last week and I knew I had to make one. Here are few of the ones that I liked from Pintrest.

You can find them here, here, here, & here.

I wanted a collage of all of these so this is what I ended up with:

To make the roses I followed this video at Cherry Street Cottage

And then I just used my creativity!I think the yarn gives it a fall feel while the flowers give it some color and vibrancy like the leaves have this time of year. I love adding personalization too with the letter b. I made the “b” by braiding a different kind of yarn and then gluing it on top. That last white rose I made with lace, too! Its so pretty.

I am linking up to the It’s Fall Y’all Party today.

And I am entering this into the CSI Fall project of the week.


VT Fleece Throw

26 Sep

Over the weekend while I was at my local craft store, I came across the clearance fabric table. And there on the top was this beauty:

Yes, that is right,  Pink Virginia Tech Fleece on the sale rack (living in Tennessee does has its perks). I of course snatched a yard and a half up for $5 (usually $19.99 a yard).  Hey-o savings!

Instead of spending money on another piece of fleece, I wanted something classy and inexpensive. So I brought it home and looked at my spare fabric, nothing matched. But then I remembered a table cloth that had a stain in the middle of it that I never use. That is what became the back. Here are the steps that I took to make this amazing throw:

1. Place table cloth on fleece and cut to desired size (the table cloth was an oval – so I made the throw have rounded edges).

2. Then cut out in a contract fabric and apply interfacing. Trace Pattern.

3. Then sew on the the pattern and cut away fabric (using same method I used for the shirt in this post).

I used the VT exactly where the stain was, so I eneded up cutting that away.

4.  Sew fabric and fleece together along edges, leaving 5in open at bottom to turn inside-out.

5.  Turn inside out. Slip stitch the opening closed. AND DONE!

And it is perfect for watching the game on cold days or just using it while reading. Its great!

Hokies have a big game this weeks against Clemson. Let Go…. HOKIES!

Curtain Problems. Solved.

23 Sep

So my closet has this problem: the curtains show the clothes behind it.

Ugh. It is awful. It makes it hard to relax in there without thinking that I need to go organize it, clean it, etc.. I have been wanting to fix it for a while, and I have finally gotten around to it! YAY!

I enjoy not having closet doors and bring able to see the whole closet when I pull back the curtains. I also like the idea of sheet curtains, it fits with other curtains in our room (remember this post).  Anyway, with a little bit of sewing and some tacks, problem solved!

Soooooo much better. Yay for projects that take 30 minutes!

Project Purse

21 Sep

One of my friends here in Chattanooga has a beautiful Etsy shop (you should check it out here!), and I love her bags. They are amazing.  That is why I took on my most recent project.

I used a free bag template that I found here, and altered it a bit to fit the fabric I had and the style that I like best.

Here are the results:

What do you think? I love it. It is fun, these colors and fabric are amazing- can use it in the fall spring and summer! Its not perfect, but it is my first attempt at making these typed of bags!

Birthday Presents!

19 Sep

Ever since I have lived on my own, I have been trying to hand make most presents. I tell everyone its because I do it out of love, and yes this is true- but it is also because it ends up being WAY cheaper than buying the same thing. And it ends up being unique (and full of love).

Yesterday was my sister’s 22nd Birthday (Happy B-day Meg!).  I really wanted to make her something that she would use and enjoy (and something easy to mail).

One project I have been wanting to make for a while was a reverse applique t-shirt ( I first saw it here at Sweet Verbena). I knew Megan would love it , so I went to work. Following the instructions on the blog, I ended up with this version:

This was a fun and quick project. And I think it looks wonderful.

Here is the total cost of the project (don’t look, Megan!):

  • T-shirt from Forever 21: $5.60
  • 1 yard of Fabric (from Hancock): $3.95
  • Fusible Interfacing (from remnants pile): $1.00

TOTAL COST: $10.95

And I had so much Fabric left over, I decided to make a Part II gift. Megan just moved into an apartment and is now cooking for her self, and what does every cooking student need? An Apron. So I went to work using the rest of the fabric from this project and a little bit from a previous project. I ended up with a pretty chic reversible apron with a pocket!

And on top of this, this apron was free to make since I had everything I needed!

Two unique gifts for $10.95. Oh YEAH!

Here is the tutorial on how to make this apron.  Hope you liked the gift Megan! 🙂

GRE, Why?

16 Sep

Tomorrow I am taking the GRE. So no craft blog post, I need to cram.

I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon when this test will be done. Happy Happy.

B-T-Dubs (By-The -Way), I think its useless to study and be tested on material I have not learned since freshmen year of HIGH SCHOOL! And then try to figure out vocab words that no one ever uses any more. This test is not testing my ability to suceed in grad school, but my ability to take a standardized test. I digress, but I am so done with studying for this thing.

As I always say, this is just ONE test in light of ETERNITY with Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thanks Kitty!


14 Sep

This just came in the mail, finally! So excited about it. I think I’ll spend the afternoon reading through this!