Crossing the Finish Line: Benches Done!

31 Oct

We have done it.

The benches are done.

The frames are built. The cushions have piping and are sewn. The pillows are put together and fluffy! The extra storage space is used.  It is wonderful. I love my kitchen! It is now uncluttered and can seat more people. WINNING!

Lets start with the before.

And now today here are some picture showing off the amazing, DIY, kitchen benches.

The great this is the extra storage I gain. I can put my canning supplies, corningware, and cast iron all under there now! YAY!

Lets total the cost of the project:

Wood                  FREE (Shipping containers from local company)
Stain                   $ 2 (Habitat for Humanity ReStore)
Nails                   $ 3
Fabric                 $ 30
Pillows                 $ 5 (Scraps)
Rope (Pipping)  $ 5
Foam                    FREE (Thanks Mom- From her old benches!)
TOTAL                $ 45

What a great deal. Being on the lookout for Free stuff really does help!

I am so happy this project is done. I can now move on to other projects in the kitchen. Stay tuned, they are going to be awesome!

Where do you have extra storage in the kitchen? In a garage? Over the Fridge?

P.S. See the process in my previous posts Here, Here, and Here! (Yes it has taken awhile!)


2 Responses to “Crossing the Finish Line: Benches Done!”

  1. sherri lynn October 31, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Mindy the benches look amazing!! It really brings together your whole kitchen. and I can’t believe how cheaply you were able to make them – that’s awesome!

  2. Lauren November 12, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    i want to come sit on those bencheeeesss!!! they look fantastic, min. you’re offically employed to help me decorate my home if we ever live within reasonable distance of one another… and even if we don’t, there’s always skype 😉 love you friend!!!

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