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A Few of My Favorite Things: Home Decor

21 Nov

Since I am taking this week off and enjoying some time with family and friends, and I have no DIY projects going on, I am going share some of my favorite things! I hope you enjoy and feel inspired. (FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST!)

I currently rent a nice little duplex, but I have big dreams for my my future home! Pinterest, is doing nothing but fueling these dreams. One day I would love to have these elements in my future home!

1. Big Chalkboard Wall

2. Cool Door Decor

3. Farmhouse style kitchen with lots of light, wood, and brick (or stone)

4. Giraffe Walls

5. Barn Door

And that is all for now! I don’t want to get too out of control with ideas when we don’t even have plans to buy a house yet!

What are some things you can’t wait to have in your home?



It Was A Skirt Kinda Day…

14 Nov

With fall upon us in full force, I am enjoying being able to wear leggings and skirts with some boots. I look forward to this every year. There is something just so comfortable about putting on a pair of leggings underneath a cute skirt.

The other day at Hancock Fabrics I saw this really cute ruffle fabric. I knew that I all I needed to do what put make a pattern, cut it out, and sew it all together with an elastic band. So that is what I did last week. It only took about 2 hours to make this. 

First I measured and cut a pattern out of a paper bag.  (for more instructions on how to do that read here).


Then I cut the fabric to the pattern.


Sewed to all together, and put an elastic band on it for a waist band.  And there you go! All done.


While I was on a roll, I made this too.


It was a beautiful skirt day. Now its time to wear them!

P.s. I am moving by blog next week! So be ready for that! More details coming soon!

DIY Wood Letters : EAT Your Heart Out!

9 Nov


To those of you who know me, you know that I love to eat, cook, and bake. It is a great stress reliever and I love making up recipes and amazing dishes.  And I love sharing these dishes with friends, as well. One day in a friend’s house, I saw on their kitchen wall they had the word EAT. I loved it ever since – I means its not like I need to be reminded to eat when in the kitchen, but I just love how it fits with the theme of a kitchen (some of you are like “Duh, Mindy!”) . So simple, yet so beautiful. ahhhhh 😉

So I set out to make these letters! It was simple.

I printed out large letters on a sheet of paper, traced it on to my piece of luan from Lowes for $4, cut it out with my handy jig saw, and painted!



They are far from perfect, but I love them. And I still have half of sheet of luan left to use for another project! HEY-O!

Here they are up in my kitchen.


I painted it using my Chalk Board paint. One day I might move them over the benches, and I might want to write a shopping list on them or something, too!

What are some other ideas of kitchen decor? I am in need of it, I still have a huge blank wall!

Twine Wrapped Vases

7 Nov

I love fall decorations. I love using oranges, maroons, burlap, twine, and all things that are rustic! I just love the look of it.

One day on Pinterest (how many sentences start like that?) I saw these amazing twine wrapped wine bottles. They looked amazing as decor and as center pieces!

Here are some of my favorites:

via PrairieMod

via FrugaliciousMe

via MoreDesignPlease

So, when I had a couple bottles of hard cider (classic fall drink), I knew I had to use it for this project! It was the easiest project – maybe took me 20 minutes to clean and wrap all three bottles!

{ Plus a glue gun! }

I can’t wait to use these for centerpiece for my Thanksgiving Table-scape! 🙂 Projects like these are so satisfying, they are easy, cheap, and done in under thirty mintues.

What are your go-to projects when you need to accomplish something creative?

Crossing the Finish Line: Benches Done!

31 Oct

We have done it.

The benches are done.

The frames are built. The cushions have piping and are sewn. The pillows are put together and fluffy! The extra storage space is used.  It is wonderful. I love my kitchen! It is now uncluttered and can seat more people. WINNING!

Lets start with the before.

And now today here are some picture showing off the amazing, DIY, kitchen benches.

The great this is the extra storage I gain. I can put my canning supplies, corningware, and cast iron all under there now! YAY!

Lets total the cost of the project:

Wood                  FREE (Shipping containers from local company)
Stain                   $ 2 (Habitat for Humanity ReStore)
Nails                   $ 3
Fabric                 $ 30
Pillows                 $ 5 (Scraps)
Rope (Pipping)  $ 5
Foam                    FREE (Thanks Mom- From her old benches!)
TOTAL                $ 45

What a great deal. Being on the lookout for Free stuff really does help!

I am so happy this project is done. I can now move on to other projects in the kitchen. Stay tuned, they are going to be awesome!

Where do you have extra storage in the kitchen? In a garage? Over the Fridge?

P.S. See the process in my previous posts Here, Here, and Here! (Yes it has taken awhile!)

Apron Inspiration

27 Oct

With Fall here and Holidays on the way, I have been wanting a sweet apron to cook and host in! I know that I have been making a few aprons for other people (see here and here), but I have yet made one for myself! Crazy!

Here are some Aprons that I love that I found on Pinterest!

via Craftiness is Not Optional

via Luna and Chole Weddings

via Sew Liberated

via  The Spotlight Inspiration Room

via Anthropologie

All of this prompted my own apron design, I wanted something simple and full length!

And there you go! Now I can bake away this holiday season!

Project Fall

24 Oct

I’ve spent the last week working on getting the house clean, entertaining, and on a new bag project. You know, the usual fall things.

Here is my new bag project that I just finished this morning. 🙂

It is an adaptation of Butterick B5267 Tote Bag. I made mine slightly smaller and with different pockets and two-tone straps. This will be great to take to the beach, the coffee shop with my computer, or even to the gym. It is that big! It is now the biggest bag I own.

That fabric I used is from and Hancock.

Aviary 2 Sparrows Bark Cream

Aviary 2 Damask Saffron

Orange Cotton Canvas Fabric

I also was able to spend this past weekend with my lovely sister visiting the sights of Chattanooga! Yay for an amazing fall weekend.