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1 Dec


Switching to Handmade By Mindy

30 Nov

After a long time of praying, thinking, and talking through the future, I have decided to open at Etsy Shop! (Launch is tomorrow! – December 1st!)For those of you that have been following here since the beginning, you know how I love crafting and sewing things. I am going to open this business with the hope of bettering my skills and making some extra income.

I will still be blogging about sweet DIY crafts and good gluten-free food, but I will also be working on my Etsy Shop: Handmade by Mindy.Right now all I have for sale are Aprons. I hope to expand my line to include other handmade gifts. (All in due time).

I am also switching over to a different blog location.

Thanks for following me on this blog, and I hope you enjoy the new blog.

Join me over at HandmadebyMindy NOW!

Today I am writing a post about my simple Christmas Tablescape!

Give A Little Thanks

28 Nov

This was my second year hosting thanksgiving. It was even better than last year, with even better food (all gluten free, of course).

We enjoyed the warm weather they week offered and lovely company of family. Our table was simple, yet plentiful (just finished off the leftovers today with turkey soup!).


(And no this isn’t my house, my friends went out of town and offered their home, and their amazing kitchen to us! THANKS! )

I am so thankful for this past year. Its had ups and downs, but in the end I am thankful for all that has happened. This year I decided to start a new tradition,  a Thanks-Garland. I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I loved it. Its great to take the time to write down things that I am thankful for over the year, it helps me see the things that Lord has done over this year. He is oh so faithful.


This is now hanging on our Christmas Tree! I hope to make this a tradition and keep each Garland, and one day be able to look back and see the things that God did over the years.  (You can have your own too here!)

And what is a visit to Chattanooga without a little bit of hiking?


I forgot to get a picture of the whole family, but it was a good time! So thankful for Thanksgiving.

P.S. Come December 1st, my whole blog will be available on (more details later!)

A Few of My Favorite Things: Home Decor

21 Nov

Since I am taking this week off and enjoying some time with family and friends, and I have no DIY projects going on, I am going share some of my favorite things! I hope you enjoy and feel inspired. (FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST!)

I currently rent a nice little duplex, but I have big dreams for my my future home! Pinterest, is doing nothing but fueling these dreams. One day I would love to have these elements in my future home!

1. Big Chalkboard Wall

2. Cool Door Decor

3. Farmhouse style kitchen with lots of light, wood, and brick (or stone)

4. Giraffe Walls

5. Barn Door

And that is all for now! I don’t want to get too out of control with ideas when we don’t even have plans to buy a house yet!

What are some things you can’t wait to have in your home?


Going Gluten Free

28 Oct

For a while now I have had psoriasis (an autoimmune disease, not contagious – read the literature!). A condition where my skin over produces cells creating “flakes” on some areas of my body. Over the past year, I also have developed Psoriasis Arthritis, common in 70% of people with psoriasis. Arthritis makes everyday hard, even getting out of bed to walking. This is something I have had now for ten years.

Recently there have been studies showing positive results between eating a gluten free diet and the condition of autoimmune disease.  So I am going to bite the bullet – the gluten free bread – and attempt to try going gluten free. This won’t be an easy task for a bread-pasta-and-all-things-wheat-lover like me. But if it will clear up my psoriasis and help my joint pain, I am willing to give it a try. Starting November 1st, 2011 until January 1st, 2012. (If it works then I’ll do it longer!).

To motivate myself and encourage others who are eating gluten free or wondering about trying it, I am starting a Gluten Free Fridays here on my blog. A place to share amazing recipes that are gluten free, and warn others what not to try. 🙂

Join me next week as I attempt this Gluten Free diet for the next two months!

Today was spent getting rid of all my beloved gluten – goodbye pasta, flour, cake mix and crackers (and tomato soup!)!


Project Fall

24 Oct

I’ve spent the last week working on getting the house clean, entertaining, and on a new bag project. You know, the usual fall things.

Here is my new bag project that I just finished this morning. 🙂

It is an adaptation of Butterick B5267 Tote Bag. I made mine slightly smaller and with different pockets and two-tone straps. This will be great to take to the beach, the coffee shop with my computer, or even to the gym. It is that big! It is now the biggest bag I own.

That fabric I used is from and Hancock.

Aviary 2 Sparrows Bark Cream

Aviary 2 Damask Saffron

Orange Cotton Canvas Fabric

I also was able to spend this past weekend with my lovely sister visiting the sights of Chattanooga! Yay for an amazing fall weekend.


The Game of Life

13 Oct

I know that it has been a while since I last posted.

Life has gotten in the way, as usual. We have been busy this past month with birthdays and parties, camping, and trying to get through life. I want everyone to know that my purpose for this blog isn’t for an income or fame or populairty. I want it to track all of my creative projects and dream projects. That is why I do it – for me!

Sorry if that means the posting on here  is sporadic and jumbled – but that is life!

Fall ReCap:

Chili Birthday Party!



And what is camping without some Campfire Fajitas?