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It Was A Skirt Kinda Day…

14 Nov

With fall upon us in full force, I am enjoying being able to wear leggings and skirts with some boots. I look forward to this every year. There is something just so comfortable about putting on a pair of leggings underneath a cute skirt.

The other day at Hancock Fabrics I saw this really cute ruffle fabric. I knew that I all I needed to do what put make a pattern, cut it out, and sew it all together with an elastic band. So that is what I did last week. It only took about 2 hours to make this. 

First I measured and cut a pattern out of a paper bag.  (for more instructions on how to do that read here).


Then I cut the fabric to the pattern.


Sewed to all together, and put an elastic band on it for a waist band.  And there you go! All done.


While I was on a roll, I made this too.


It was a beautiful skirt day. Now its time to wear them!

P.s. I am moving by blog next week! So be ready for that! More details coming soon!